4 Reasons Why Office Partitions Improve Employee Productivity

Improving employee productivity is essential for growing a successful business. Office design can make or break a business as it changes how the environment impacts efficiency – effecting the quality and volume of work that makes the money! Office partitioning systems, including solid office partitions or glass partitions, are a flexible and cost effective method to increase employee concentration.

Here are 4 reasons why office partitions improve employee productivity:

1. Office partitions enhance privacy

A few years ago, open planned offices were a popular design trend. Companies thought an open plan office would cut costs, increase employee communication and provide a more creative space. This is often not the case, increasing noise levels to the point of distraction and making employees feel more stressed.

Office and glass partitions counteract noise levels and disruptions, whilst maintaining the feel of an open space. As partitions are so flexible and cost effective, those that require a private office can do so using office partitions to create a cubicle whilst those that work best in small teams can without distracting others. Glass office partitioning is ideal to keep an open plan feel yet lower noise levels.

2. Improves access to natural light

A study found that a workforce with exposure to natural light sleep an average extra 46 minutes per night and views of the outdoors lead to a better work performance by up to 16%.

Glass partitioning creates a private office, without limiting access to natural light. Glass manifestations can enhance privacy even further with different designs and variations of see through film.  If there is a nice outdoor space, ensure that everyone is within easy reach to a window.


3. Enhances temperature flow

The temperature of the office environment is integral to the comfort of your staff. If people are too cold they may feel more alert but uncomfortable, and if they are too warm it can be completely off putting. The ideal temperature is between 21-23 degrees Celsius, and to maintain this optimum temperature, air flow is essential.

Office partitions, especially cubicle solutions or sliding walls are perfect for offices that need to enhance their air flow. Keep the doors closed to retain heat in the winter and open the doors to improve air flow in the summer. Air quality can also affect our ability to focus and think clearly and is estimated to cost employers $15 billion due to employee sick leave and inefficiency!

4. Get creative with productive spaces

Office partitions enables companies to get creative with their offices. From head offices, war rooms, break rooms and more, office partitions enable offices to have a happy workforce!

Office partitioning can increase the comfort of your workforce and ultimately create the perfect working environment.  Improve your employee productivity with glass and demountable partitions today from Applied Workplace. Get in touch with our team of specialists on 01202 577 776, email or get a free instant quote.