4 Predictions for the Office of the Future

How, when and where we work in the future may be completely different. Employers are already starting to prioritise the enjoyment of the office and focusing on the health and wellbeing of their employees. Combined with technological advances, offices of the future will change for the better. Read on for our 4 top future office predictions:

  1. Offices won’t exist

The more expensive offices become, the more bosses are considering working remotely. An increase in computer-based work and employee demand for a better work-life balance is evoking a change in business attitudes. According to a report by Citrix, half of businesses may have employees working away from a desk by 2017, and by 2020 it could increase to 70%.

  1. Desks will never look the same again

Companies all over the world have already changed working positions for the better. Skullcandy uses moveable desks for individual or collective work, the Barbarian Group uses a giant desk to sit up to 170 people and Citrix has benches with stools instead of chairs. Lego encourage activity-based working, so that no one has a fixed desk and can move freely according to their mood.

  1. Healthy offices will become a priority

Energy-efficient buildings aren’t just good for the environment; they benefit employees too. Buildings that use more daylight, dust eliminating systems and increased air flow with office partitioning systems such as glass partition walls and room dividers can reduce employee sick days and keep them in an optimum state for work.


  1. The location and work days will change

Along with working remotely due to the cost of offices, bosses will change office functionality and primary uses. It could become a second home and working space, or a communal office space that can be used by anyone that lives close by, cutting the need to travel.

Five working days a week could also turn into four. Studies show that ‘part timers’ are more productive than ‘full timers’ and have more energy, paving the way for Thursday to become the new Friday.  Office functionality and design will also need to change to adapt to this.

If offices change according to our predictions, it certainly sounds like a work life we would enjoy! Adapt your office today by introducing office partitions to increase air flow and keep employees productive. Get in touch with our specialist office partition team on 01202 7676 or Email Us to find out more.