4 More Predictions for the Office of the Future

In our previous article, 4 Predictions for the Office of the Future, we predicted that the office will change for the better. Employee health and wellbeing will be a priority and desks will morph into more practical sizes. But what else can we expect? Read on to find out…                     

  1. Offices will make people love their jobs

Offices aren’t just changing to suit technological advances; they’re changing because we need them to. According to a report by Red Letter Days, only 14% of people interviewed said they loved their job and over a third (34%) could not name an occasion where they felt motivated to work! Companies such as Google that provide slides and hammocks in their offices aren’t doing it for aesthetic purposes, it’s a deliberate attempt to create more creative spaces with areas designed to alleviate stress. Hello bean bags!

  1. Lifts won’t just go up

Another case of innovative office technology is the side to side lift. Engineering genius ThyssenKrupp revealed a ropeless lift which moves horizontally and laterally at up to 18 metres per second, enabling rapid movement across large office buildings. Without rope, multiple lifts can move in the same shaft reducing waiting times to 15 seconds, making commuting efficient across the building.

  1. Meetings will be in virtual reality

Offices will embrace virtual technology and use it for multiple applications. Engineering firm Atkins showcases designs to their clients using VR. Interior designers, 1508 London, are transporting their customers into virtual spaces, enabling them to walk from room to room for a realistic experience. VR can be used for face to face meetings, eliminating the need to travel and create potential work environments without distractions.


  1. Office sharing

Collaborative spaces will become normality. Bosses strive to boost collaboration and have already begun to open up offices with office partitions opposed to walls. Glass partition walls and room dividers enable a degree of sound proofing, without the boxed-in feeling that can leave workers feeling uninspired. Creative agency ZAK shares a multi-level open plan office with three other creative businesses so that a variation of different minds can work in the same space, improving teamwork and creativity.

Many of these office predictions are achievable and easy to implement with instant positive effects. Adapt to the future by taking the first step in your office transformation with one of the UK’s leading office partition specialists. Call Applied Workplace to find out more about office partitioning systems on 01202 577 776 or Email Us to speak to our team today.