Office Cubicle Solutions for Small Businesses

Since their invention more than 40 years ago, office cubicles have become a staple for effective office design. The luxury of private offices was reserved for businesses with large spaces, until Herman Miller designed a tiny workplace enclosed by office partitioning. The office cubicle became a solution for small businesses to: maximise space, create an organised office with a professional design and give employees privacy.

With open plan offices so popular these days, the office cubicle is a cost effective solution that ultimately gives people a private workspace and allows an employer to expand without having to move.

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Types and sizes of office cubicle solutions

Cubicle solutions with office partitions come in a range of sizes and colours and can be built freestanding or as a collection. Consider these three office cubicles for your small business:

  • 5ft high office partitions create a cubicle perfect for creative businesses who aren’t in need of a lot of privacy. Participating in teamwork and collaborations is easy, as employees are able to see each other when sat down.
  • 2ft high office partitions create a cubicle ideal for businesses that need a private workspace without feeling cut off from the rest of the office. Employees can interact when standing and communicate easily without distracting others.
  • 6ft to ceiling height office partitions create a cubicle that’s entirely private. These are a great alternative for the upper hierarchy of the organisation or for those that require complete silence, but can create feelings of isolation. Glass office partitions are a good alternative – they offer a degree of sound cancellation without the disconnection from a solid partition.


Glass partitions to create private offices

Things to consider…

It’s important to assess any common distractions in the office, the degree of privacy your employees need and the distribution of natural light, as its proven to improve mood and productivity. Compared to private offices, office partitions for cubicles save space and money. They are also relocatable, allowing flexibility for expansion when needed.

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