4 Benefits of Sliding Walls

Sliding walls, or sliding office partitions, offer many benefits for offices and commercial spaces both functionally and aesthetically. A cost effective and sophisticated solution, sliding office partitions can maximize your office space – without compromising on style, quality or square feet.  Discover the benefits of choosing sliding walls for your office:

1.       Sliding walls encourage productivity

In office spaces where client confidentiality, meetings and collaborations are a frequent occurrence, sliding office partitions offer low sound transmissions. This creates privacy and allow employees to stay focused, leading to increased productivity. If the office is entirely open plan, there’s no need to move or invest in solid walls as sliding glass partitions keep the open plan feel, yet satisfy the need for a private room.

Glass partitions to create private offices


2.       Sliding office partitions save space

Sliding office partitions require less square feet than a hinged door and are a great alternative for smaller offices looking to maximize their space.  Saving space is crucial for businesses that have a lot of furniture, stock or equipment and allows a natural flow between rooms.

3.       Sliding glass partitions let in natural light

Dark closed office spaces are not productive. Exposure to natural light, even through sliding glass partitions, can reduce symptoms of SAD or depression that occur especially during the winter. This can boost the general mood of the office, and happy employees work harder!

Best of all, the increased ventilation also reduces the cost of energy to heat or cool the office.

4.       Sliding walls are versatile

Sliding office partitions from Applied Workplace can meet a variety of aesthetic requirements. Whether you’re looking for a solid blue sliding wall or a modern sliding glass partition with a glass manifestation, they can be paired with many architectural and interior design styles. The surfaces can also be used as presentation space for practical meetings or war rooms.


Sliding walls can create a well organised office that encourages collaboration, promotes productivity and ultimately adds style.

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