4 Desk Essentials for 2018 to Liven Up Your Workspace

Whether you’re fresh and ready to get working in 2018, or you’re wishing it was summer already, it’s important you keep your office desk clean and cheerful. So, if you’re surrounded by glass partitions or relaxing in your home office, try one or two if these items to change up your workspace.

Personalised MugsOffice Fornitures

A personalised mug is ideal for offices with shared kitchens; you don’t want anyone else drinking from your mug! Plus, they’re a nice decoration to your desk space.

Cleaning Putty

Office Fornitures

Something you may not be too familiar with; cleaning putty is perfect for any desk to clean up dust that gathers on your desk items and office furniture. Also, it’s a more grown-up alternative to a fidget spinner (if it doesn’t hurt your work output…)

Tidy Cables

Office Fornitures

Anyone who has ever sat at a desk knows cables can be a nightmare, so some cables clip to organise the chaos can be a lifesaver! Mix and match the styles to add a pop of colour to your desk and match your company’s branding.

A Mini Desk Plant

Office Fornitures

It is common to have plants in the office, but try out a small cactus or Jade plant in a mini ceramic or concrete planter to liven up your desk.

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