4 Common Office Layout Ideas That Work

With so many factors to consider including office partitions, meeting rooms and light distribution, it can be challenging to design your office to suit everyone and their needs. The best way to start is to look at other office layout ideas that have been proven to work, and combine elements in a way that suits you best. An office is a representation of your company and can impact concentration, efficiency, and health so getting it right is important! The Applied Workplace team is here to help with four common office layout ideas that work:

The Storage Office

For a company that has considerable storage requirements, a modular office layout works best. Section off work areas with cabinets and bookcases so that employees have their own space without limiting their access to light, air flow and other people. This office layout idea also works as an alternative to open plan.

Open Plan Office
Source: http://www.inspirationsweb.com/design/creative-office-layouts/

The Closed Yet Open Office

Heavy partitioned spaces with private hierarchal offices and less open space come to mind when imagining a traditional office. With offices of the future moving away from this, the standard office layout that works is one of compromise. Use glass partitions for private offices to increase light flow and demountable partitions to give some flexibility for employees.

Open Plan Office

The Creative Office

With a dramatic rise in creative agencies over the past few years, spaces for collaboration and creativity are yearned for. Combine modular styles with wide spaces, ambient lighting and sliding office partitions to create a balance between private and collaborative hubs. This enables workers to choose their environment based on their task resulting in increased concentration.

Private pods at Google’s Zurich office

The Combo Office

Relatively large companies will benefit from this office layout idea as it allows departments to co-exist, and aspects of creative offices to seep in. There are four core activities that occur within an office; refuge, team meeting, assembly and community. By incorporating a space within the office that caters to each one allows all working styles to thrive.

Office Map
Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/07/07/fascinating-photos-show-how-our-offices-have-evolved-over-the-decades/

Create an office that is unique to you by incorporating these office layout ideas, including glass partitioning, and reap the benefits of enhanced concentration and efficiency. Applied Workplace are one of the UK’s leading office partition specialists, call us to find out more on 01202 577 776 or Email Us to speak to the team today.