What Is An Acoustic Partition?

An acoustic partition is a partition wall which offers soundproofing and are also referred to as sound absorption panels. Partition walls are room dividers which help separate areas and add privacy to desired spaces.

Acoustic Partitions are a great solution for environments which require minimum noise disruption. Office workplaces benefit greatly from soundproofing partition walls as this enables busy surroundings to continue without disturbing more quiet environments. For example, a soundproof meeting room can maintain its privacy and discretion without discussions being heard from outside. In addition, an acoustic office partition will provide the noise reduction needed for employees to concentrate with limited sound disturbance.

What are acoustic partitions made of?

Acoustic partitions are often made of double-glazed glass, solid, or lightweight, penetrable materials. Depending on the level of soundproofing required, different materials will be suitable for various purposes. This can range from minimum to complete sound absorption and can be recommended for you upon discussion with your partition wall provider. Double glazed glass partitions work well for minimising noise levels as the second sheet of glass reduces the amount of vibration which would occur with a single glazed glass wall.

If you are looking for a soundproof meeting room which you can’t see into from either side, then a solid partition is the solution. Unlike a double glazed glass partition that you can see through, solid partitions offer more privacy as well as high levels of sound reduction. On the other hand, other fibrous materials can also be used for soundproofing partition walls as they allow sound to pass through the panel in order for it to be absorbed and muffled. It’s important to look at the options available in order to determine the best type of partition wall for you.

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