Want the perfect meeting room? Use Glass Partitions

As technology improves and becomes increasingly accessible to all, more and more companies are choosing to hold telephone conferences and video calls with clients and colleagues around the world, helping to save on expensive and needless travel. Therefore, it is becoming ever more important for businesses to have professional meeting rooms that they can use for this, in addition to the usual internal meetings, private discussions, customer visits, demonstrations and events.

Above all, the perfect meeting room must provide privacy, but it also needs to have good acoustics, be well sound proofed and present an excellent impression to visitors and video conferencing participants. Although creating meeting rooms should never be at the expense of losing natural light or compromising too much space in the office.

Obviously, the traditional way to do this would be to build additional internal walls. However, the installation of glass partitions is an increasingly popular solution and caters perfectly for all your meeting room needs.

  • The privacy needed to hold meetings without compromising on natural light.
  • Blinds or frosted glass can be added to the glass partitioning design, either for when extra discretion is required or to effectively darken the room for projection presentations.
  • Add a logo or company colour to customise the room and provide a professional finish. For example, the logo could be designed to be seen in the background of a Skype or video conferencing call to anyone dialling in.
  • Glass partitions create excellent acoustic properties within the room and are extremely effective at cancelling out external noise from the rest of the office. So no more hard to hear calls.
  • If your needs change, you need to move office or need to re organise the space, glass partitioning systems are relocatable, so can be altered with minimal fuss, disruption or expense.
  • Slim design and the option of sliding doors helps to save space when it is at a premium, allowing every office to have at least one meeting room.

Once you’ve installed your glass partitions, your new meeting space is good to go. You may want to consider installing room booking solutions and kitting out each room out with screens, projectors, web cams, speakers, video conferencing facility features etc. You will also want to furnish your meeting rooms with high quality chairs and meeting tables to create a flexible and workable space.

Glass partitioning is low maintenance and, should you need to move office or wish to change the layout of your existing premises, it is easy to relocate. Further panels can also be added to the system to cater for any expansion plans.

A meeting space is always a great investment and will help to drive business, improve communication and make your customers feel valued. You could even rent out your meeting rooms to generate extra income or offer free meeting space to customers.  Take a look at the stylish glass partitioning systems available and start seeing the benefits today.