Partition your Office in Style

Office PartitionsFlexible workspace is often needed in today’s office environment, and this can easily be achieved with relocatable office partitioning. Whether the need is for a glazed office partition or a solid wall, a custom-made solution in an attractive style will transform any area into a modern and sophisticated workplace.

Some points to consider before approaching a contractor:

  • An online quote is only ever going to be an approximation.
  • An accurate quote can only be given with accurate measurements. An on-site visit will ensure that everything is taken into account, such as access and other specific requirements.
  • Bespoke solutions to your own special requirements should be feasible, in consultation with the manufacturers of the office partitioning.
  • A range of materials, designs and colours on offer will help you to choose the most practical and pleasing options.
  • Since the office partitioning is relocatable it should minimise waste and be eco-friendly.

Any office partition needs to comply with building regulations, fire safety, acoustics and ventilation, and Local Authority approval needs to be obtained. A responsible contractor will fulfil their legal obligation to submit a building notice and deal with any paperwork.

Their Fastline range of office partitioning has been very well designed and is quick and easy to install. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It contains interchangeable glazed, door and solid modules so that changing the configuration is simplicity itself.
  • There is a wide colour range and choice of finishes to allow the framework, panels and blinds to harmonize with existing colour schemes.
  • With regard to the working environment, Fastline products achieve levels of sound attenuation far above industry standards.
  • Fire resistance can also be provided from thirty minutes to one hour.

However, should you decide that a glazed partitioning option is the best solution for your office space, this can also be provided by AppliedWorkplace. The Quartzline range of frameless glass partitioning offers the following benefits:

  • Quartzline is a non-load bearing floor to ceiling system on a steel framework
  • It provides a modern, minimalist office partition system with maximum light
  • A degree of privacy is clevcrly incorporated with a feeling of space and continuity within the workplace.
  • It can incorporate stylish design features such as lighting, corporate logos and colours that will provide a tasteful and pleasant environment.
  • Choice of single or double glazed options, with toughened glass sound reducing panels
  • Choice of steel door frames fitted with solid core veneer doors, or timber door frames with glass doors.

Fastline and Quartzline are the only British-made systems of tailored office partitioning, and are only available from AppliedWorkplace. Combining modern materials with innovative bespoke designs, the simplicity of the system makes for quick and easy installation. As this is a nationwide company, a complete service – design, build and project management – can be offered within a time frame of a few weeks, whether you have a small office suite to convert, or a large corporate office.