Open but Private Frameless Glass Partitioning

Glass doorThere are many materials which can be used to create friendly, open workplaces in which employees can be both productive and safe.  The use of frameless glass partitioning is just one material and adds a bit of sophistication and style to what could be a dreary space, especially if the property is an older building, a warehouse or industrial unit.  Frameless glass partitions can be used for dividing off offices, meeting rooms and other space in both private and public buildings.

The clear aesthetic value of frameless glass partitioning gives a clear view through the divisions.  The partitions can be full height or half height depending on requirements.   Coloured lights can be used to create a nice soft atmosphere in the work area and this can be matched to corporate colours.  Alternatively, if you want more artificial lighting, this can also be reflected off the frameless glass partitioning.

Glass partitioning is great in dark buildings, especially where they are close to other buildings as they reflect what light there is around the office.  Frameless glass partitioning adds a whole new dimension to an area, creating a clean modern look which is light and airy whilst being divided off.   These create workspaces which are a pleasure to work in and where employees can work quietly and be productive.

Frameless glass partitioning can be used as temporary room dividers and is quick and easy to install.  If the office is a project office, the room dividers can be moved to create spaces of different sizes and shapes.  Bespoke spaces can be created at the drop of a hat so that projects are not held up.  By working with a competent supplier, you can have a new configuration for the space within a couple of working days, providing that the other services such as telephones and electricity are in place.

A reputable supplier can assist you from the concept and design stage to full installation.   When it is in place, you will be able to enjoy your new space with its frameless glass partitioning and get more work done.  With room dividers which are not full height, employees will still be able to communicate should they need to.  However, by having the frameless glass partitioning in place, employees will still be able to use mobile phones and terrestrial phones without disturbance or being overheard by other people.  This is very important as communications are often confidential.  However, of course employees can go to other areas where there is a complete sound proofing if they want to discuss matters which are highly confidential.

Frameless glass partitioning comes in different sizes and it very simple to a calculation on line as to your requirements.  Some suppliers have online quotation calendars to make things even easier for people wanting to calculate how much partitioning is required.  By inputting the dimensions in linear metres, this is easily doable.  You will have your frameless glass partitioning installed before you know it – all without any hassle or argument.