Increase Light and Space with Glass Office Partitions

Glass Office PartitionsWith people spending the majority of their waking day at work it is vital that employers provide a comfortable working environment for their employees.

Research has shown that office design is critical to the overall working environment and if done well can lead to increased levels of both happiness and productivity so it is well worth hiring a professional to make sure you get it right.

Whilst it may cost a little more to hire someone opposed to doing it yourself you will reap the benefits in the long run.  A poorly designed office not only wastes time but can cause frustration due to the fact that it can hinder even the most basic of tasks.

Not only will good office design eliminate these problems re-designing the office is a great way in which you can reinvigorate your workforce.  By giving staff different environments for different tasks it can make them feel more excited about being in the workplace.

In order to ensure that your office is both more pleasant and more productive for your employees to work in your chosen supplier will likely suggest the following;

  1. Increase Light and Space.  The majority of staff spends most of their day at a computer and often away from any natural light.  A lack of light has been shown to have negative impacts on both mood and productivity and should be a major consideration.  One suggestion that your designer may make is that you take down your interior walls and replace them with Glass Walls instead as they offer maximum light transfer helping to create a more airy space.
  2. Create Break Out Spaces – These spaces not only break down communication barriers but encourage spontaneity.  They can be used for a variety of different purposes ranging from somewhere to stop and have lunch to an area for an informal chat.  Break out spaces can be created using either Glass Partition Walls or Glass Partitions.
  3. Invest in Furniture – With workers spending the majority of their day sitting at a desk it is important not to skimp on furniture.  Not having suitable office furniture can cause back pain which in turn can lead to complaints and absenteeism.
  4. Brand your Workplace – Branding should not just be about your business cards and your website.  It should be all around both your employees and your clients.  Glass Partitions lend themselves beautifully to this as both company logos and corporate colours can be incorporated into the overall design.  Branding also helps give the office a sense of identify whilst at the same time reminding everyone what they are there to do.

Glass office partitions also has a clear aesthetic value bringing both a modern and contemporary feel to the workplace.  Its frameless appearance has an almost seamless finish plus it is ultra-versatile due to it being relocatable.