Increasing Productivity with Office Partitions

In the office environment, the workspace is the most important part of an employee’s working life.  Having a comfortable workspace where he or she can work undisturbed ensures a productive and happy working life.  By installing office partitions you can create quiet, relaxing places where employees can work and use the telephone without being overheard by others, or disturbing their conversations.

Health and Safety must be considered when installing office partitions and walkways should always be provided so that people do not invade each others’ space by continually walking through their area. When designing where office partitions should go, great care should be taken that there are no parts sticking out or sections which will trip the unwary.  Office spaces should have plenty of natural light so glass may be considered instead of solid walls, especially if there is already low lighting in the building.  This particularly applies if interior cubicles are built with no natural lighting coming through the windows. If the office is in a high rise block and close to other buildings, there will be very little natural light in any case.

Office partitioning comes in a wide range of sizes and types.  You can create complete full height office partitions, or half height office partitions if you still want people to be able to communicate without walking round the screens.  There are glass office partitions which are quick and easy to assemble with the minimum of fuss. Office partitions comes in modules of different sizes and in different designs and colours to suit your interior design.  Blinds, glass and woodwork are all available.  Office partitioning with acoustic properties are particularly desirable to ensure privacy for top level meetings and seminars.  There are all kinds of reasons why you would want to might want to divide up a room or warehouse.

Calculating the costs for your office partitioning is quick and easy, and it need not cost the earth.  The costs should be built into the overall set up of your business so that you get a true picture of what you are spending.  A reputable company offering office partitioning will advise the best way forward and provide you with a complete quotation including installation costs.  You may want to consider leasing office partitions if you do not wish to divide the area permanently.  This is very useful for project offices and companies offering hot desks where requirements may change, and the specifications of the space may differ from project to project.  Leasing can help your cashflow situation and the beauty of it is you will not need to spend your hard earned cash all in one go.

Every sector can benefit from installing partitioning.  From schools, hospitals, care centres to industrial units and warehouses; office partitioning is cost effective, uses modern materials and is easy to clean.  There is very little maintenance required due to the robustness of the materials.

The basic rule is to budget for your office partitioning and decide whether you want capital expenditure or to go for leasehold.  Much will depend on the situation.