How to Utilise Warehouse Space

Warehouse spaces are large open rooms with tall ceilings that are ideal for storing vast quantities of stock or manufacturing products, or a combination of the two. Sometimes whole businesses operate from a single warehouse, which means utilising the space is vital. From solid wall partitions to glass room dividers, there are variety of ways partitioning systems can help utilise the space. We explore the best ways of utilising warehouse space using glass wall partitions.

Divide open areas

Glass room dividers are an incredibly efficient way to section off warehouse areas and departments, creating designated areas for the various jobs that take place in the same warehouse. By installing fixed glass screens a previously wide open space can become a network of individual spaces, providing more functionality and order without impacting on natural light. Industrial glass partitions can also be used to create borders and corridors, providing protection for any members of staff walking to and from departments.

Create separate rooms

Wall partitions can be used to form instant rooms and offices that are separate from other on-going operations in a warehouse. Modular offices in warehouses and factories are a great way to enhance your warehouse space by creating practical and modern workspaces.

Our industrial glass warehouse partitions can be both tucked away in a corner or freestanding anywhere to create the right working environment in your warehouse. Another bonus of glass wall partitions is the visibility, allowing  to keep an eye on operations from any separate office space.

Successfully soundproof

Being a busy environment with various processes happening under one roof, warehouses are more often than not extremely noisy. Soundproof glass partition walls can be used to build workspaces and rooms that are protected from excessive noise. For businesses operating from a single unit, acoustic glass room dividers make it easier to perform important tasks such as taking phone calls and are ideal for quality assurance, design or engineering departments.

Semi-permanent solution

Not only are glass partitions quick and easy to install, but they are also a temporary solution that can be dismantled and removed just as easily. If you are using a warehouse space for a short period of time or simply need the ability to move partitions around, glass demountable partitions are a fantastic way to segment departments and utilise areas for optimum productivity on a short-term basis. With the ability to move them around and make use of them in different applications, semi-permanent glass partition systems are a cost-effective way to utilise your warehouse space.

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