How Colour Effects Productivity

An office’s colour scheme has a profound effect on the productivity of its workforce. With the average employee spending more than 8 hours a day at work, ensuring your office partitions and walls are coloured correctly is integral for the success of your business. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  1. Mellow yellow

Companies whose employees need to be creative should decorate their office yellow. Whether this is used to paint the walls of demountable partitions or on furniture, psychologists believe yellow triggers innovation and is ideal as the office partitioning colour for writers, designers and developers.

  1. Don’t get the blues

To increase employee effectiveness, choose the colour blue for your office partitioning due to its calming nature and focusing effects on the brain. This is particularly useful for companies in complex sectors whose employees require optimum concentration when working.

  1. For the ultimate energy

For work spaces demanding a high level of physical activity, the colour red is perfect due to it increasing blood flow, heart rate and passion amongst employees. This colour is also the most effective for attracting attention, making it perfect to decorate office partitions where important information is displayed.

  1. Get rid of ordinary office partitioning colours

Avoid a downbeat workforce by replacing your grey and beige office partitioning with new glass partitions. Not only will this give your office a modern aesthetic, it will reduce sadness and depression amongst your workforce caused by dull colours.

  1. Reassure with a hint of green

For shops, banks and any other job where money is exchanging hands, green is the best colour to use due to its reassuring and calming nature. This also makes it ideal for holding important client meetings, where convincing and reassuring the client is integral for your business’ growth.

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