5 Ways to Increase Employee Bonding

Ensuring your employees bond with each other is vital for any business. Not only does this increase productivity, it also improves teamwork and communications skills between staff. Here are 5 methods to improve employee bonding in and out of the office.

  1. Office Partitioning

Employees sometimes feel ‘cut off’ from one another when working in closed-off conditions. Ensure your workforce feel part of the team by introducing a new office partitioning design. Whether your company suits glass partitions or demountable partitions, Applied Workplace’s range of office partition systems is ideal to increase employee bonding.

Glass partitions to create private offices

  1. Team Excursion

The team ‘day out’ is a well-known method for employee bonding. Whilst giving people the chance to get to know each other outside of the working environment, this can be a memorable start to new friendships in the office. Ensure these new relationships are built on by installing glass partitions in the workplace to increase employee interaction.

  1. Employee Interaction

The Management Study Guide states that encouraging employees to talk amongst themselves allows for the sharing of experiences and expertise to aid work. This is most easily achieved through the office layout, with demountable partitions perfect for testing this method without long-term commitment.

  1. Charity day

To increase employee bonding whilst improving your company’s corporate-social responsibility, charitable team building days are ideal. Whether it is through fundraising or sponsored activities, this method bonds employees whilst giving participants a ‘feel good’ factor for the following weeks.

  1. Reducing the hierarchy

For companies looking to break down barriers between management and staff, glass office partitions are ideal. Due to their transparency, glass partitioning makes managers appear more approachable than standard office rooms.

For more information on office partition systems and how glass and demountable partitioning can improve your office, contact Applied Workplace on 01202 577 776 or email enquiries@appliedworkplace.co.uk.