Glass Partitioning – the Clear Solution

Glass Office PartitionsToday’s open plan offices still need to have clearly designated work areas. Solid walls and screens, however, put up impenetrable barriers that work against communication between employees. The ideal solution is a frameless glass partitioning, which still defines specific working areas, but also allows workers to communicate visually, and offers a light and open environment.

Frameless glass partitions will give the illusion of space with minimal visual intrusion. The Quartzline range from Applied Workplace provides full height glass screen walls, and a free online instant quotation. To get the best results an on-site visit is recommended so measurements can be taken and various options discussed with the client.

Expert advice will be offered at this stage by a surveyor who is backed by a team of architects and engineers able to tackle any bespoke project you may have in mind. Any online quote will be adjusted after a survey has been made.

The Quartzline range of frameless glass partitions offers the following advantages:

  • The glazed modules have clear, dry PVC joints, creating seamless contours.
  • The units are relocatable, allowing for possible future change of use of your space.
  • Natural light can be maximised in the workplace.
  • Subtle lighting can be added to the panels to enhance visual appeal.
  • A company logo, corporate colours or other design feature can be incorporated.

As with all glazing products, you have the choice between double or single glazed units. Each option features:

  • A non-load bearing floor to ceiling system on an aluminium framework with sound-reducing panels in toughened safety glass.
  • All exposed aluminium parts coated with polyester powder or satin anodised, in a wide range of colours.
  • Door Units supplied either as solid core veneer doors with steel frames, or glass doors with timber frames. Sound seals incorporated into door stops.
  • Acoustic rating: up to 33 Rw db depending on prevailing conditions on site.
  • Screen printing of logos etc. as an optional extra.

Spread of flame class O, complying with 1991 Building Regulations, but no fire resistance. However, a fire-resistance option is offered with the double glazed units offering 60 minutes integrity and insulation. Another optional extra is remote controlled integral blinds.

The advantages of using Applied Workplace to fit your frameless glass partitions are as follows:

  • You will be sure of getting a quality British-made product
  • You can call upon expert help to plan the best solution for your particular needs.
  • You can be sure that health and safety issues will be properly addressed, and all work and materials meets the required standards.
  • You can customize your partitioning to include text, company logo and colors, etc.
  • You will be getting a very prompt service, usually within three weeks of placing the order.
  • You will be getting a very competitive price.