Glass Partitioning: A Modern Solution for the Modern Office

Glass Office PartitionsThanks to creative corporate giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook leading the way in innovative and unconventional office designs around the world, many companies are now waking up to the importance of designing motivational and stimulating work spaces for employees.

It is now clear that the traditional segmented cubical office isn’t the most productive layout, doesn’t appeal to staff or customers and certainly doesn’t promote a business in the best possible light. But the potential costs and disruption of revolutionising an office space can seem daunting and may well put many bosses off making that all important change.

So just how can you transform the office into a creative, inspiring and forward thinking space without spending excessive amounts of money or disrupting workers for many days or weeks?

Well, glass partitioning is one very popular solution and could be just what you were looking for.

Frameless glass partitions can be installed up to full ceiling height, in clear, patterned or glazed panels and offer excellent value for money. They are incredibly quick and clean to install and are relocatable, so you can easily change the office layout to suit your needs in the future without any extra cost. Glass partitioning also offers an almost seamless finish, so you can create entire walls and rooms with a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Frameless glass partitions are the perfect design for the modern office environment and current working patterns. With the rise of hot-desking, breakout zones, on the go meetings, video conferencing, in house events, creative collaborations, lunch meetings and informal break areas, the traditional boxed working cubicles, closed offices and dark meeting rooms are no longer workable.

Businesses now want personalised, light and airy meeting rooms that impress customers in person and on video calls, workstations that make collaboration easy and breakout areas for quick meetings, creative sessions and catch ups that suit the fast paced office environment. Frameless glass partitions not only offer this flexibility and maximise light and space in the office, but can also be designed with company logos and colours to create cohesive and professional premises.

However, when privacy is needed, glass partitioning still offers soundproofed walls for meeting rooms, lockable doors and frosted glass designs. Blinds can also be installed to easily block out the light when a darker room is needed for PowerPoint presentations.

By revamping your old boring office space with the needs of employees and their working patterns at the forefront of your design, you are showing them just how valued they are. Redesigning with frameless glass partitions, targeted lighting, comfortable seating and the necessary technology will inspire employees, greatly increase productivity and promote collaboration between colleagues and departments.

So creating that unique and inspiring new office layout will bring many benefits, such as motivated staff, increased productivity, impressed customers and healthier profits. But with a glass partitioning solution, your modern office revamp certainly won’t break the bank either.