Don’t Waste Space: Put Office Partitions in Place

Glass Office PartitionsThere are many ways that a large space could be more efficiently used with the help of room partitions. In the past large halls were common in such buildings as village community centres, libraries or schools. Offices could also be large and open, often accommodating a ‘typing pool’ of a dozen or more desks. Times have changed however, and today a more flexible use of space may be needed in a community or office environment.

In open plan offices staff may have individual computer work stations, but it may be preferable to have certain sections partitioned off. Sometimes a large room may be multi-purpose, with various activities taking place either simultaneously or at different times. In such a situation, demountable and relocatable room partitions are particularly convenient.

There are two basic options when it comes to room partitions: solid walls and glazed panels. The choice will depend on the location, room space and type of activity or work involved. Both have their particular advantages and disadvantages.

A solid partition obviously erects more of a barrier between different areas, and a feeling of enclosed space. The Fastline range from Applied Workplace offers a versatile, relocatable and re-usable system of partitioning that would fulfil a range of needs. For trade shows, business meetings and the like, this type of office partition would be ideal.

Some further benefits of the Fastline System:

  • Modules are very quick and easy to install, and can also be relocated swiftly.
  • All the British made units are interchangeable, providing a custom solution for any site.
  • Range of colours and finishes will complement any existing environment.
  • Expert advice is available on site, backed up by architects and engineers, to ensure the best possible results for your particular location.
  • Swift response from this company means your room or office partitions can be up within a few weeks.
  • All materials and installation will comply with building regulations and industry standards. This can include soundproofing and fireproofing as required.

If a more light and open environment is required, the Quartzline range from Applied Workplace could prove the more suitable option. Equally relocatable, the glass room partitions are also British made to the highest standards. Most of the benefits of the Fastline partitions apply equally to the Quartzline products.

Some special features of the Quartzline System:

  • The frameless and almost seamless appearance lends a sophisticated and modern look to the space.
  • The appearance of the glass panels can be enhanced with lighting, color and logos if required.
  • Glass office partitions allow visual communication to take place between people in different areas, minimizing the effects of compartmentalization.
  • Glass panels can provide more natural light throughout the whole area.

With regard to finance, both these types of room partitions are offered by Applied Workplace at a very competitive price. They also offer the option of leasing, rather than buying, the units. Whatever your needs and expectations, Applied Workplace will be sure to meet them, providing a quick and excellent service that will transform any large area into a versatile, practical and attractive suite of rooms.