Designing an inspiring work-space with Frameless Glass Partitions

Glass Office PartitionsThe modern workplace should be an inspiring, open space in which to grow and develop ideas.  The individual cubicles of depressing office spaces like that occupied by the character of Wesley Allan Gibson, depressed account manager in Bekmambetov’s 2008 film ‘Wanted’ are hopefully something of yesteryear. Modern companies are looking to redesign their office spaces to be light, bright and open spaces, only divided by frameless glass partitioning. An open work environment where everyone can see each other through transparent dividing walls is thought to suggest to clients that a company is transparent in their decision making. From a managerial perspective it allows them to see their employees working at all times, thus ensuring efficient productivity during working hours.

Frameless glass partitioning could encourage participation, conversation between colleagues and sharing of ideas, as it encourages this feeling of transparency. Office managers can design space which promotes this visual transparency, while also providing in the outer reaches of the office traditional partitions when a colleague needs to work somewhere free of any visual stimulation. Frameless glass partitions can be relocatable, which means office spaces can be designed to be flexible and can change around to form new working areas, as the business ethos demands.

The corporate brand in your office space and how it is presented is an important consideration. When some imagine the glass partitioned office, they may think of a giant glass box inside a building with dozens of sections, which light floods through. However, frameless glass partitions can be creatively detailed to include corporate colours and logos, which add form and elegance to the final design. Lighting design can be incorporated into the office design to create moods and pick up on the creative details of logos and add splashes of colour, against the light, open space. Indeed, the light created by the use of glass and a certain amount of subtle lighting could actually save on energy as more natural light floods into illuminate the office space.

Clever use of frameless glass partitioning can create alternative working systems within a business working space, such as: office zoning, hot-desking, touchdown areas and breakout zones to ensure that your space is used to its maximum efficiency, whilst helping to promote fundamental interaction and connection between department colleagues to help make your enterprise more expeditious.

Glass doors can be etched with any motif or pattern to create areas where privacy is needed as well as allowing the light to flood in. A combination of laser incision applied design and subtle LED lighting can differentiate one frameless glass partitioned office from another.  This could personalise a particular department or manager’s space from that of their colleagues.

Frameless glass partitions are either dry bonded or polymer jointed. Most are available in shaded, opaque or transparent glass, arching or lineal in design, providing a luxurious and chic partitioning solution for the contemporary office. Doors can be floor to ceiling or standard height. The glass doors can either be fitted into a frame or be frameless, to create a totally stunning, yet versatile working space.