Visual Communications Design LTD

Guildford, Surrey

Glass Wall Partitioning Brief 

The client contact us expressing their need for a new meeting room within their office. In response, we led a project showcasing the versatility of our glass partitioning solutions. Our proposed solution involved supplying and installing Quartzline industrial style single glazed glass partitioning complete with a modern doorframe and full height glass door. 


The primary objective was to construct a smooth transition between the main office and the new meeting room. Our focus was on using top-quality materials and ensuring a modern, simple aesthetic. This was important, not only to meet the client’s requirements but also elevate the overall ambiance of the space. 

Glass Partitioning Solutions 

The Quartzline single glazed glass partitioning with 10.8mm acoustic laminate glass was to be the focus of the project. Alongside this, we used aesthetic black tracks around the edge of the room to ensure a modern look, which mirrored the one established in the office. The installation of the glass doors allowed for the natural passage of light, creating a welcoming meeting room for everyone. 

The utilisation of glass doors, including the black industrial style banding strips, ensured both top functionality and aesthetic coherence. 

Transformed Space 

The client was very pleased with their new space, thanks to our highly competent team. The glass partitions now offered a modern aesthetic to the office, with the glass doors creating a contemporary workspace for anyone using the office. 

At Applied Workplace, we offer glass wall partitions in a range of styles and designs. We are a flexible and adaptable, allowing us to tailor our designs to your requirements. If you’re thinking about improving your space at home, give us a call on 01202 577776. Alternatively, request a free instant online quote.