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Office partitioning system brief

We have worked with this client for over 10 years and have consistently delivered satisfactory improvements to their office spaces. On this occasion, we were briefed to create two new meeting rooms using our quartzline 27mm single glazed glass partitioning. Along with this, we suggested our full height quartzline door frame with black laminate doors for a stylish finish.

Transforming the office

As we have worked with this client before, they understood the process of our workspace transformations Our team of experts visited the site to take measurements and assess the office space. After seeing the office, we were able to finalise the glass partition design and styles with the client. The suggestions from our team allowed the client to upgrade their derelict office into a sleek, modern working environment that they could show off.

When it comes to installing the office wall partitions, our team have the expertise to get to work efficiently, causing minimum disruption. The project was complete in just 2 days, allowing business operations to resume swiftly. Glass office partitions are a great way to create private meeting spaces, whilst retaining the benefits of natural light and a cohesive working environment.

The new workspace

Thanks to our competent team, the client yet again was thrilled with their new workspace. The office wall partitions provided the team with two private spaces to hold their internal and external meetings. Combined with the black laminated timber doors, the office now has a modern, sleek feel to it.

At Applied Workplace, we offer glass office partitions in a range of styles and designs. We are a flexible and adaptable, allowing us to tailor our designs to your requirements. If you’re thinking about improving your office space, give us a call on 01202 577776. Alternatively, request a free instant online quote.