What Is A Glazed Partition?

A glazed partition is a type of room divider made from panes of glass. These can either be a single glazed partition or double glazed partition. Glazed partition walls are widely used in professional industries, and residential properties as they are made from a high quality material.

What are the benefits of glazed partition walls?

Due to the type of glass used, in particular with a double glazed partition, more soundproofing is obtained. The glass is also a transparent material which enables natural light to flow through the glazed partition. This is great for settings which have heavy use of artificial light and creates a brighter environment. Glazed partitions can also be tailored with manifestations and designs, should the user wish to have more privacy or branding. Another benefit of glazed partition walls is the great functionality they provide. They replace the need for heavy construction work, and easily change the layout of rooms. With quick and easy installation, single glazed partitions are one of the most cost effective solutions.

Where are glazed partition walls installed?

Glazed partition walls can be installed wherever deemed appropriate, but usually the most common place is within a workplace. As office environments tend to be very busy, opting for a double glazed partition wall will help divide the space and offer noise reduction. Glazed partition walls are a popular choice for open plan design establishments which have levels of noise that can be off-putting to workers. They are also a very simple but contemporary style, which fits in easily within any workplace.

Where can I get a glazed partition wall?

Right here! Applied Workplace supply, manufacture and install a vast range of partition walls, including glazed partition walls. Suitable for a multitude of environments, our partition walls are made bespoke for each customer. If you are not sure on whether a single glazed partition or double glazed partition is most suitable for your application, contact us today. You can also receive a free instant quote online for a range of different partition wall types and materials. Call Applied Workplace on 01202 577 776 to discuss the full variety of room dividers available.