Office Partition: To Rent or to Buy?

Demountable Office Partitioning is becoming an increasingly popular option as it offers a simple, quick and efficient way in which you can divide your workspace into separate areas.

Not only does it score highly when it comes to looks these Office Partitions can be installed ultra-fast and with minimal mess.  They can be erected much quicker than some other more traditional methods such as plastered block work or timber stud and board walls with the modules simply being held in place by compression clips.  The fact that there are no wet or messy trades used during the build process is also a big advantage as it can be erected around people whilst they work without causing too much of a disturbance.

Regardless of what type of Office Partition you are looking for the Fastline range will be sure to have something that perfectly meets your requirements.  There are a range of glazed, door and solid modules available to choose from all of which are available in a variety of colours in order to complement and enhance your existing colour scheme.

All of the modules are also interchangeable meaning that the entire system is truly re-locatable.  Configuration changes are quick and easy to achieve plus the ability to reuse the components makes this system kind to the planet too.

When it comes to performance this system is also way ahead of the game.  Not only has it been certified to achieve 30 minute and 1 hour fire resistance it has also been tested to achieve high levels of sound attenuation of up to 50Db RW which is well in excess of industry standard requirements.

The Fastline range of demountable office walls is available to purchase outright however there is also the option to lease should you prefer.

Leasing offers a whole range of benefits;

  1. Improved Cashflow – With leasing there is no need for capital expenditure meaning you can use your cash in other areas likely to produce a good return
  2. Retain Credit Lines – Finance facilities can’t be withdrawn like an overdraft can
  3. Simplify Budgeting – Payments are fixed for the duration avoiding the potential effects of inflation and making budgeting simpler overall
  4. Keep Up To Date – Leasing enables you to modify and upgrade your Office Partitioning as and when you see fit

So what are you waiting for pick up the phone today for a free instant quote!