Ideas for Incorporating Your Business Brand into Your Office Space

Photo by: andrewarchy

When you walk into someone’s home you immediately get a feel for the kind of person they are, whether that be laid back and slightly kooky or super organised and a bit of neat freak.

The same can be said for business premises; clients and potential customers will get a feel for the kind of company you are the minute they enter your office space.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you could engage these potential leads positively with your brand message as soon as they step through your doors?

This article will outline ways in which you can incorporate your business brand into your décor scheme in order to convey your story to potential customers and crystallise the positive messages you want to communicate to both your clients and your staff.

Steal the Colour Scheme from Your Logo/Website

Use the colours of your brand logo and accent colours from your company website on the walls of your office to create a cohesive message that staff and clients will identify with instantly. You can also pick out accent colours to incorporate into your chairs and other soft furnishings.

Show Off Your Wares

Another great way to get your brand message across in your office is to use products from your business as part of the décor scheme. For example, if your company sells golf balls, use them or pictures of them as a decorative motif throughout your office space.

Wilson, the tennis equipment manufacturer, adopted this idea; they have included cleverly crafted sculptures made up of tennis balls to add interest to their offices. Take a look here.

If you work in the services sector you can still create a theme by associating the work you do with a related object or idea and just going with it throughout. Having your end product in sight at all times will also help your employees stay motivated and on-target as they work.

Create a Vibe

Through previous advertising efforts and target market research you will have built up an idea of the type of customer your business attracts and the kind of personality or ‘vibe’ they put across. By identifying and amplifying this feeling so it spills into your décor, you can help your staff stay ‘on message’ and in touch with your customers, plus it will make your office a more personalised place to work.

For example, Etsy, the social commerce website for handmade and vintage goods, have created a space that perfectly echoes the interests of their users, with kitchy giant lamp displays and knitted tapestries on the walls that transforms an everyday office into a cosy and creative place to work.

If These Walls Could Talk

Glass manifestations featuring your company logo are another great way to keep your corporate theme running throughout your office décor scheme. If you don’t have a logo or are after something a little more uplifting and inspiring, then imagery that relates to your brand or motivational quotes can make a great alternative for your glass manifestation design on glass partitions. Talk to one of our dedicated team to find a motif that speaks to you and your clients.

If you have any other methods for getting your brand message across in your place of work, please leave a comment below.