The Different Types of Office Partitions

When considering office partitioning, there are many different types of office partitions to choose from. Each have different properties and qualities, and are all useful in the right circumstances. Read on to learn more about some of the different types of office partitions provided by Applied Workplace:

Glass partitions

Office Glass Partitions

Our glass office partitions aim to provide privacy and discretion without causing employees to feel cut off or excluded. These partitions are quick to install and are customisable with our glass manifestations so you can add your corporate colours or logo to make your office unique.

Solid partitionsGlass Office Partitions

Applied Workplace offer a range of solid partitions for maximum discretion and privacy. If your office requires spaces for high levels of focus, these partitions will fit the bill. These too are customisable and very fast to install to minimise interruption and distraction.

Acoustic partitionsGlass Office Partitions

Our noise-minimising acoustic partitions come in a variety of designs including double glazed, single glazed and solid office partitions. Double glazed acoustic doors will provide better office soundproofing, while a solid partition will generally be more soundproof than a glass office partition. You can determine which acoustic partitions you need by the level of soundproofing you require.

Demountable partitionsGlass Office Partitions

Many of Applied Workplace’s office partitions are demountable and relocatable, meaning that they have ultra-fast removal and installation times. Our demountable partitions ensure maximum flexibility for your business as they are easily interchangeable and can therefore help your business achieve the vision it has for its office more effectively.

If you are interested in a quote on office partitions for your office space, call Applied Workplace on 01202 577776 or email Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on our website.