Choosing your Office Partitions

Glass Office PartitionsIf you currently have an open plan office environment but would like to create some private internal areas then sourcing an office partition specialist to install some office partitions may be just the solution that you looking for.

Office partitioning comes in a range of different materials designed to meet not only your visual and performance requirements but also your budget needs.

There are two main systems from which you can choose from.

Demountable partitions not only combines the best of modern materials with innovative design features but is extremely quick and easy to install with the individual Office Partitions being simply held in place by compression clips.  As such this system enables easy access for services within the cavity regardless of whether they run vertically or horizontally.

The individual modules are available in a range of glazed and solid wall options and have the added benefit of being easily relocated making configuration changes quick and easy to achieve if required.  The fact that the components can be reused also makes the system incredibly environmentally friendly.

In terms of performance this is where this system really excels.  Fastline has been tested and has achieved sound attenuation levels up to 50db RW which is well in excess of industry standard requirements plus it has also been certified to achieve 30 minute and 1 hour fire resistance where required.

If however you are looking to achieve a slightly more contemporary feeling within your workplace then you might decide to opt for glass office partitions instead.

Glass office partitions have a frameless appearance and offer an almost seamless appearance to the untrained eye.  Held together with clear dry PVC joints the glazed modules give the impression of seamless contours.  This system really does provide the perfect solution for those trying to create a somewhat more minimalist environment.

In addition to glass partitions providing a feeling of light and space it is also very flexible.  Company logos and corporate colours are just some of the many ways that you can add style to the final design.  Like demountable partitions this system is easy to install and is fully relocatable should you require.

If office partitions is what your workplace needs simply contact a member of the team to discuss your requirements.  They will make arrangements to visit your site and take a brief from you and then produce drawings and a quotation.  Once you have received their quote and have made the decision to proceed simply give them a call and arrange for them to take final measurements and firm up costs.

Regardless of which system you feel best suits your needs you could have the office partitioning that you want on site and in place within just 3 weeks of order placement!