5 Fantastic Office Storage Ideas You Need To Know

Offices can vastly range in size; from small home offices to corporate city spaces with hundreds of people. But they all have the same problem – clutter. Paper, files, printers and all the other office necessities can often pile up, creating a messy atmosphere which is both bad aesthetically and for work flow.

That’s why choosing the right office storage solutions will make sure that your office runs as smoothly as possible, without clutter forming regularly. If you have a larger office layout, glass office partitions can help section off areas without making the office feel boxy and outdated.

The glass partitions allow optimum visibility, but also mean it’s easier for employees to manage the clutter in each given area. And if more privacy is needed, Applied Workplace offer a wide range of glass manifestations that look both stylish and professional.

  1. Complete Office Desks

Glass Office Partitions

Office storage doesn’t get much more efficient than office desks complete with cabinets underneath, shelving above and drawers for smaller items. Printers can be kept in cabinets, along with clunky files and folders which should be kept hidden away as often as possible.

  1. Pegboards

Wall space is often forgotten when thinking about office storage ideas, but they are actually very useful. It’s certainly not uncommon for notes, memos and letters to be left on desks as reminders for important tasks. These can simply be pinned up on a board, preferably behind a computer screen, so they are not cluttering up work space but are still in eyesight. Plus, they’re handy for demountable partitions where movement is a regularity.

  1. Floating Shelves

Office Fornitures

A contemporary and designer favourite, floating shelves are the storage option for offices that want to look as good as they operate. Although their storage space may be limited, their clean and minimal design means they blend seamlessly with a linear office flow. If you have office partitions, try several in each section for a coherent look. However, don’t forget to add some mini cacti or other office décor to finish the look!

  1. Tambour Cupboards

If you have several desks but floor space is a key concern, Tambour cupboards are the office storage solution. Though they will take up the same floor space when closed, the doors slide into themselves. This means no swinging doors which may clash with busy feet, or damage any glass partition doors.

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  1. Office Cable Organisers

Again, something so simple yet often forgotten, office cable organisers will bring unprecedented peace to any office. Nothing is more annoying than cables tangling into vines. Keep them stored neatly by using under floor cable organisers, and several ones attached to your desk to control cables coming into your desk devices.

Thinking about changing up your office space? Consider glass office partitions with glass manifestation designs to bring a fresh and contemporary design to your office. Use our free instant quote calculator or e-mail the Applied Workplace team at enquiries@appliedworkplace.co.uk.