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Leasing your installation

  • Partitioning systems
  • Office furniture

Preserve Your Capital - Lease Office Furniture and Partitions

Is lack of available capital stopping you from getting the office you desire? Choosing to lease office furniture means that you can have the office you want, not the one your budget dictates.

With prices starting at just £26.69 per week, you can save your capital for where it will produce the best return.

  • Improve cash flow - furniture and partitions can be installed without the need for capital expenditure.
  • Tax savings - on every payment saves your business a significant amount of money.
  • Retain credit lines - keeps existing banking arrangements and credit lines free for other uses.
  • Simplify budgeting - payments are fixed for the whole term, avoiding the effects of inflation, making budgeting simpler.
  • Easy to update - at any time, to suit your changing requirements.

To find out more about what lease office furniture and partitioning could do for your business, contact our expert team today.