Applied Workplace Ltd

Bespoke Glass Office

  • Four glass walls, with 3 corners
  • 15 metres long, including glass door

£5,995 including installation

Almost any shape of glass office can be built, from elegant curved/faceted glass walls, to stand-alone cubic glass offices.

There are few limitations, as the shape of a complex glass partition is defined by what it is required to do - sometimes fixed points are used to fix to (eg: against a wall), whereas the new glass could b created within the middle of an open-plan space, with all four walls simply fitted to the floor & celing.

Ceiling heights aren\'t really a problem, as we can manufacture glass panels up to a height of around 4000mm, and any length of wall can be achieved from 300mm upwards.

The price of £5,995* shown here is for a four-sided glass office that is approx 15 metres long (in total, for all four walls), and includes for a full-height glass door too (although we can also fit sliding doors if required).

* The price shown here is an example, as all glass partition offices are different - each one is custom made to suit the location that it will be installed in. To get a better idea, please try our simple cost calculator.

Returns & Refunds

As all orders are based on a preliminary phone consultation, we are extremely confident you will be entirely satisifed with our installation. However, once you have paid online and are not totally satisfied, we shall remove the installation from your office, and give you your money back too!

If you simply change your mind following an online purchase, we will also simply refund all your money provided you have not arranged for us to survey the site.

We can't say fairer than that!

Other Terms & Conditions.

How to buy Complex sided office partitioning

Our instant online quotation calculator is intended for illustration purposes only. An accurate quotation for Complex sided office partitioning partitioning will be based on site specific details including location, access etc.

Remember too, that you have the option to lease your partitioning installation, enabling you to keep control of your cashflow.

If you have a sketch or drawing please feel free to email this along with any other relevant details that will assist us in providing you with a competitive, accurate costings.

We are always delighted to visit site, take a brief and produce drawings with each of our quotations. Once you have received our quotation and you wish to place an order, just contact us again and we will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit site to measure up accurately and confirm the costs.

At the site survey stage our surveyor will also provide advice and information about your quotation including partitioning options, colours, and finishes etc