COVID-19 Notice: Social Distancing At Work With Glass & Desk Partitions

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a significant change in working practices across the globe. In some industries businesses are gradually reopening, which is great news. However social distancing at work and other safety measures still need to be adhered to. Employers have a duty of care to workforces and must do what is required to keep them safe and minimise risk.

Now is the time to make plans to ensure a safe workforce when moving back to office based working with as little disruption as possible. For some this may be as straightforward as reorganising workstations and creating additional space between desks, but for others it may not be so simple. The necessity to create office barriers between colleagues and workstation divisions in the workplace is paramount. These include Coronavirus COVID-19 screening and partitioning, as well as office sneeze guards and barrier screen for retail.

How To Ensure Workforce Safety With Glass Partitions

It is common to see temporary screen protectors in supermarkets and other operating retailers to protect staff, which can look clinical and unwelcoming. The reality is that these measures may be needed permanently, and an office environment in particular will benefit from a product that is more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Here at Applied Workplace we have over 25 years’ experience in professional office and industrial partitions. We have installed glass partitions nationwide, in offices, factories and homes. The extensive knowledge we have gained from our current offering makes us the ideal supplier for full and part height glass partitioning to divide spaces, and desk partitions in the form of desk mounted partition screens to enhance distancing. These products can achieve effective separation for staff whilst retaining maximum light transfer. Our partition systems are modern and professional; enhancing the existing look of the office for a friendly yet professional feel. We also offer glass manifestations to enhance branding, add company notices or marketing.

Keep Glass Partitions Clean

Applied Workplace utilise powder coated tracks and toughened or laminate glass within all partition systems so they can be cleaned easily. We recommend glass partitions are cleaned every day with household disinfectant spray to reduce the risk of contamination should anyone touch the glass (essential for glass door partitions).

New Solutions To Enhance Workplace Social Distancing

We now offer an extensive range of demountable desk mounted partition screens available as a supply only or supply and fit solution. Download our brochure.

If you have yet to decide what your strategy is, get in touch with our team who can carry out a no obligation survey of your workplace and offer our expert advice. We will design an office layout using our partition systems that not only meets government guidelines on social distancing but also helps to create an effective, productive working environment.