Why is White on the Rise in Office Interior Design?

Trends in office design are constantly changing. With the days of bland, brown desks now gone, opting for white office decor is rising in popularity in modern work environments. So why is white such an on-trend colour in office interior design?

Increased light

For those desiring a highly-lit working environment, white is ideal due to its high reflectivity. This increase in light transforms the overall feel and aesthetic of an office, whilst choosing white for flooring and demountable partitions can decrease the need for additional lighting.


Neutral design

Designing an office so everything matches can be a challenge. However, the neutrality of white ensures that all furniture fits seamlessly with the overall style. Whilst this is key for the aesthetically conscious, it also compliments the future introduction of any corporate colours on office partitions or glass walls.

Compliments glass partitions and creates space

With glass office partitions now common, white has emerged as the perfect complimentary colour. Not only does this create a slick aesthetic, but the combination of glass partitions and white flooring creates an illusion of space – perfect for small offices or meeting rooms.

Advances in furniture

Advances in furniture manufacturing have also increased the popularity of white office partitions, chairs and desks. Whilst white was associated with cheap, poor quality products 25 years ago, advances in available materials has allowed designers to create higher quality white items for the work environment.

Simplistic design

Simple and minimalist aesthetics have become prevalent across all elements of design. Whether it is through the style of furniture or the colour of office partitioning, white effortlessly creates this minimalist look.

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