Which Office Design is Right for Your Business?

There is more to office design than where to place a desk and computer. Read our handy guide to learn more, covering areas such as office layout and office furniture, to aesthetic additions such as glass manifestations.

Office layout

Deciding on an open or closed plan office is an important decision that will impact the overall office design. If your business relies on frequent communication and teamwork between groups of employees, then an open plan design may be the better option.

Even if you plan to incorporate office partitions, you can still maintain an open atmosphere with elegant glass partitions And if your office’s productivity relies on employees working in peace and privacy, then why not invest in some acoustic partitions for minimal sound travel and privacy?

Level of comfort

Do you feel that your business would benefit from an office that promotes comfort and relaxation? The inclusion of office furniture such as sofas in communal lounge areas is a growing trend, due to wireless technology allowing for a more untethered office environment. This ‘relaxed teamwork’ atmosphere may be a perfect fit for your business and can be separated, yet feel inclusive, with glass partitions.

Glass Manifestation


The appearance of an office can have a great effect on employee morale and office productivity. You could have your office designed to make employees feel relaxed with calming decorations, plants and art, or you could focus on establishing a sense of company pride with glass manifestations of your business logo.

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