What Is a Partition Wall?

A partition wall is a divider wall, typically non load bearing, used to separate spaces in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It’s most common use is as an office partition wall used to create separate offices or meeting rooms. Partition walls can be made from glass, brick, metal and plastic and used in offices, homes, warehouses and retail. They can be purpose-designed to incorporate doors, windows, or openings and are a great solution to modern interiors.

What types of partition walls are available?

There many types of partition walls with practical features and glass manifestations.

Glass partition walls offer a level of privacy and low sound transmission that are perfect for creating a divide whilst still maintaining an open feeling for a building. Glass partitions can be installed with a range of finishes, including single and double-glazed glass, acoustic and fire rated glass. It is the most aesthetically pleasing type of partition wall and lets natural light in.

  • For more privacy, solid office partitions can reduce high levels of sound and maintain professionalism with the enhanced level of isolation. Some partition walls are demountable so they can be adjusted to suit changes in requirements. They come in a range of colours to complement interiors, and can be based on a steel framework with fire resistant panels to provide further insulation.

Where can a partition wall be used?

Both glass and solid office partition walls are suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used to divide an area into rooms to be used as additional office space or meeting areas. Solid partition walls are ideal for private offices, giving privacy and reducing noise pollution from the rest of the office. Glass manifestations with decorative glass film can be used to incorporate brand logos and colours to enhance a brands aesthetic.

Partition walls can also be used in industrial applications. Glass partition walls are advantageous for providing visibility for separate rooms or offices within warehouses for a view of the factory. Solid industrial partitions offer a robust solution with a hardwearing vinyl finish for heavy traffic areas.

For residential applications, partition walls can be used for balconies, stair banisters or to divide rooms and enhance a home.

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