What Are Window Manifestations?

Glass is one of the most versatile of building materials used in practically every home, office and public building project. As well as bringing providing light, glass provides a practically invisible, thermal, sound and security barrier between two spaces. Whether inside or outside there are limitless opportunities to add glass into buildings. Technical advances in glass manufacture make it safer and easier to use larger, stronger pieces of glass in buildings.

However accidents caused by collisions with large areas of glass can have devastating consequences. Consequently building regulations exist to prevent this from happening. These mainly consist of the specification of window manifestations to make large areas of glass panels visible. In simple terms this means placing a visible design on to glass to prevent people colliding with it.

The requirement of placing designs on to glass areas offers an opportunity to apply innovative branding and interior design. Vinyl window film is available in basic geometric standard designs to fulfil building regulations. Vinyl graphics are quick, easy and affordable to produce. Single colour vinyl designs can be cut in custom sizes to fit any space. Custom printed designs use multiple colours to provide small logo designs or full size vinyl wraps which obscure glass completely. Using bold graphic designs which incorporate elements of company branding or continue an office design theme can transform interiors from dull to dramatic. Glass manifestations can offer an opportunity to provide privacy internally in meeting and board rooms as well as from the outside world.

If you need inspiration for window manifestation designs you can find some great examples on Pinterest, Instagram or commercial design blogs.

Window manifestation regulations explained in easy steps

Window manifestation regulations comply with building regulations to ensure safety, primarily to prevent accidents. Regulations state when and where window manifestations are necessary. Find the exact specifications in this government document –  Approved Document K: Protection from falling collision and impact. But this easy to read infographic tells you all you need to know…