What Are The Types Of Partition Wall?

Acoustic partitions offer different levels of soundproofing, depending on the quality of fitting and type of partition, and other factors including wall construction, floor and ceiling coating. The placement of furniture, particularly in offices, may also influence the level of soundproofing.

Typically, a solid office partition wall offers the highest level of soundproofing, as opposed to glass. However, if glass is preferred,  double glazed partitions are better than single glazed partitions.

How acoustic partitions work

Acoustic partitions are usually made of acoustic metal frames which dissolve the sound and convert the vibration energy into heat. For a higher level of soundproofing, choose a thicker frame that will provide more insulation.

How doors affect the level of noise

Doors also affect the level of noise in offices, so choose carefully. Low quality, lightweight doors allow sound to travel, therefore heavier, denser doors are preferred for soundproofing. To contain sound within an office or to reduce sound pollution, we recommend double-glazed acoustic doors. The larger the gap between the panes of glass the better acoustic performance of soundproof glazing.

Acoustic glass and solid partitions

If you want to reduce noise and soundproof your office, we provide a choice of acoustic glass and solid partitions. Creating an entirely soundproof cellular space with partitions is not easy, but our acoustic partitions help to reduce the level of speech intelligibility for private meetings, remove distractions and soundproof your meeting room.

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