Top 10 Walking Into Glass Errors

We’ve all done it, mistakenly walked into a pane of glass thinking that there was nothing there. But why is it that despite the fact that the impact on our bonces has got to hurt, most of us find this kind of error absolutely hilarious?

I think it’s because for a split second the utter confusion of not being able to walk where you can see turns your world upside down. Nothing makes sense in that moment where an inanimate pane of glass got the better of you and that equals funny. But hey, that’s just my opinion, take a look at these top 10 walking into glass errors and make up your own mind.

Where did that glass wall come from?

Streaking at a sporting event requires careful training. As you can see this naked man is putting in the hours, covering all eventualities. Glass door obstacles included.

The beauty of underwater shots is that everything appears as if in slow motion. This is the exact facial expression all window-walk-into’ers make- in fact they should play this video in museums.

Wakey Wakey!

Coffee can only do so much to wake a person up in the morning, this method works too.

London is a very busy place and if you’re not used to it, getting around can be properly exhausting.  Because it’s not like you can just catch 40 winks waiting for the tube, not if these glass doors have anything to say about it.

Smashing Fails

Health and Safety officers have a thankless job keeping all of us safe. Imagine if you came home every day covered in cuts and bruises like this guy does.

This guy successfully made his way through the door. Only problem is he took a whole pane of glass with him.

Famous Fails

This is the second Justin Bieber walking into glass video on youtube and I doubt it will be his last. I like this one in particular because his incessant fringe flipping was wholly responsible for the collision.

This story appeared on the News in Australia, the impact of the crash into the glass door knocked this bag thief out cold.

What were they thinking?

This woman seems very confused by the sliding glass doors, waiting for them to open fully before walking into the side window anyway!

I’ve watched this video again and again I still don’t see how the man went for the window, over the door with big shiny handles on it (bit of a giveaway).


So there you have it, ten walking into glass fails on youtube. Let’s hope your staff have a bit more luck with their glass office partitions than these lot.


Do you have any walking into glass videos or stories? Share in comments below