The World’s Best & Worst Office Designs

Working in an environment that encourages productivity is crucial. Whether it’s achieved with glass partitions, room dividers or inspiring colour schemes, an office without light, air and stimulation is dull and uninspiring. Unfortunately, The Independent revealed that British workers suffer in the worst offices in the world, demonstrating the need for productivity inducing office design in the UK. Take the first step by looking at this selection of the best and worst offices from around the world for inspiration:

Best Offices in the World

  1. For the coastal enthusiasts


This office’s creation of a ‘beach at night’ aesthetic gives workers a serene place to relax. The use of blacked-out glass partitioning, sand coloured flooring and surfboard aesthetics makes this design ideal for companies with an informal working environment.

  1. Some things are best kept quiet


The use of room dividers and glass partitions in this office gives employees a sense of privacy without feeling cut off. It looks clean, modern and is perfect for companies looking to impress clients.

  1. Work meets nature


Situated in Stockholm, this cold war bunker has been converted into one of the most amazing offices in the world. Used by White Mountain datacentre, the office partitioning goes far beyond just glass partitions, with this office’s off-the-ground elevation providing employees a workspace like no other.

Worst Offices in the World

  1. Variation is vital


Located at Axiom Law in New York, this cluttered and claustrophobic office partitioning system must prevent employee inspiration and motivation. Lacking a level of privacy given by glass partitions, this mass of identical desks and aesthetics is sure to make employees feel voiceless and unanimous.

  1. Give your employees privacy


This desk view from Facebook’s California office emphasises the lack of privacy. Missing a defined office partitioning system, this office’s design will cause noise to travel across the office. As one of the world’s biggest companies, you would expect them to be the epitome of modernity, however, the lack of glass partitioning or room dividers makes achieving such a look difficult.

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