The Modular Office: The Modern Office Trend

One of the great ways office partitions can be utilised is as a modular office. There is a growing trend to transform empty factories and warehouses into modular factory offices. Our specialist skills and knowledge enable us at Applied Workplace to transform large, lifeless spaces into practical, modern workplaces.

Why opt for a modular office?

Speed: It is much faster to construct your factory office layout using demountable partitions than it is to build conventional steel stud and drywall office partitions, whilst also minimising office disruption.

Cost: Modular office constructions are very cost-effective and flexible payment options are available. The design service is included too so you don’t need to worry about architect costs on top of building expenses.

Individuality: With our bespoke designs, we can tailor glass partition walls to match corporate colours and/or logo. The custom-made glass office partitions fit precisely into your space and can provide a unique area tucked in a corner.

The benefits of modular offices

Flexibility: Demountable offices provide you with the flexibility to adjust layouts depending on your changing needs. You may find advancements in technologies, cultures and work styles require temporary office space, and with 76% of millennials feeling very strongly that office design and aesthetics influence their impression of a company, it is more important than ever to keep up with current trends.

Privacy: Having glass offices allows you to create private, comfortable spaces for internal meetings or meeting with clients without making employees feel cut off. Having a supportive working environment is essential for high performance.

Environment: Not only do modular offices improve air quality for employees, but they also introduce less waste material into the environment and are much more energy efficient. Who doesn’t want to save money on their energy bills?

If you’re looking to create a modular office, we offer an on-site consultation to help you bring your vision to life. Contact us to arrange a consultation or get an instant quote on our modular office costs. Once you’re happy, we’ll send a surveyor to take approximate measurements of the factory or warehouse office and confirm costs. Call us today on 01202 577776.