The Best Colours to Use in Offices and Why

Studies have shown that alongside the office layout, colour can influence our perception of the environment and how strong or intense a colour is, can affect how we react to it.  Businesses who have offices with an all-white interior may want to consider changing the colour of their walls in order to spark more creativity, productivity and instil a sense of harmony. Here at Applied Workplace we provide expert guidance and advice on office spaces, layout and design.

Considering overhauling your office interior? Before you go ahead and start redesigning your work space, it’s important to understand the psychology of colour.  The intensity used is also key as high intensity stimulates and low intensity soothes. Did you know that yellow can increase energy and green can reduce anxiety? If not, carry on reading as we’ve created a breakdown of the most popular colours you might consider using:

  • Red

Is a bold choice however it represents courage, strength and can boost heart rate. We’d recommend you avoid using it in large areas, but it would work well in a break room (it can also stimulate appetite) and spaces where staff work at night.

  • Blue

A popular colour which encourages communication, is calming and promotes trust. It’s also known to have a positive impact of productivity and efficiency. It can be used in areas where staff are required to focus and can help to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. It can also work well in brainstorming spaces.

  • Green

Known as the calming colour, it represents harmony and is the easiest colour for us to look at so reduces eye strain. It can boost creativity, reduce anxiety and is a good choice for brainstorming rooms and offices where staff work long hours. If you’re looking to inspire your staff and leave them feeling balanced, you might want to introduce more of this colour into your workspace.

  • Yellow

Represents optimism and can stimulate happiness and increase levels of creativity. It works well in high-energy spaces designed for collaboration. Too much yellow can lead to anxiety so try to mix it amongst other colours or restrict it to areas where you want to stimulate your staff.

If you’d like help designing your workspace and implanting a colour scheme which will work for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Applied Workplace. We specialise in office partitions, design and furniture. You can all us on 01202 577776, use our online form or get an instant quote online.