Sliding Room Partition Ideas for Your Home & Office

Sliding room partitions can be a sleek and stylish addition to your office or home. Sliding partitions provide flexibility to open a room up to be more spacious, yet still enclose it when privacy is needed.

1. Meeting room sliding doorsGlass Door Partitions

If a modern, sleek and stylish office is what you want, sliding glass partitions give you exactly that. They are particularly beneficial for smaller office or meeting rooms, where space is needed for doors to open into.

Alternatively, you could favour solid partitions or even demountable partitions for your new workspace; a perfect solution for busy offices with a need for a change every so often.

2. Home office privacy

Looking for a way to close off your home office with style? Or require privacy during working hours but want to open the space up at other times? Separate your home office with sliding glass doors, and even design a glass manifestation to give it a modern and stylish look.

3. En-suite bathroom

If you’re installing an en-suite bathroom in a bedroom, particularly a master, then a translucent sliding glass partition makes a stunning and contemporary alternative to just a door. You can choose to have a glass manifestation cover the partition for complete privacy.

4. Apartment bedroom

If you have an apartment or are renovating an apartment, separating the master bedroom with glass sliding partitions creates a more open feel. Ceiling-high glass manifestations offer a quiet area when needed without making the space feel smaller.

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