Office Partitions: Flexible Office Solutions

Glass Office PartitionsIn this day and age when looking at a corporate space we no longer have to pick a building with a number of interior walls and a therefore inflexible working environment. We can instead consider buying a huge blank canvas in square feet and consider office partitioning as a way of creating departments and working areas for teams within your business, whilst maintaining the flexibility to move the environment around as your company changes or expands.

For many businesses office partitions are increasingly becoming the way forward. They provide privacy to employees, or define departments, as well as providing a quick and easy way to bring your interior into the 21st century creating a modern, clean and attractive working environment.

Furthermore they are also cost effective and practical compared to creating permanent walls. Modern office partitioning can be bought and installed within a very short time and can last longer, as the company’s use of the overall office space changes and develops.

Unlike years ago there are a whole range of office partitions on the market today, including glass partitions and also, solid partitions. Floor-to-ceiling office partitions are used in many offices in order to section workspaces. They are of metal construction and the frame is covered completely with cloth. Floor-to-ceiling office partitioning can be arranged to form areas of different dimensions, moved or completely removed with relative ease.

Most companies offering an office partition solution provide the complete package which can include but is not restricted to the design concept, fitting budget, operational planning, supervision of the fit itself and after-sales consultancy or support.

In recent years, Glass partitions have become a favourable choice in office layout and design. These office partitions are typically made out of glass and aluminium with a frame or can be frameless, depending on the look the client wishes to achieve. Glass partitions come in half or full height panels, with 10, 12 or 15mm toughened glass, depending on the height of the partitions. They provide the flexibility to include company logos, be designed for particular lighting effects or moods and any vinyl design can be applied to the glass.

They are a more costly but are just as worthwhile an investment as their cloth covered counterparts because they can be personalised with the company brand or logo and allow the light to flood through the office space. The prices of glass partitions vary widely according to the framing, type of glass and desired personalisation.

There are many benefits to office partitioning such as providing privacy to employees and can manage environmental factors such as noise pollution. Moreover they also divide space between workers so that each employee can have their own personal space in which to work. Quite simply, they are easy to install and create very little mess, whilst providing you with a permanent but flexible office partition solution. It can mean no costly reconstruction work on the building itself and that the company can stay in one location for a considerably longer period of time.