The Most Popular Partitions for Offices

Are you in charge of organising an office redesign? Choosing the right office partitions can be essential to the style and environment that you want to achieve. To help you to make the decision of which office partitions are right for you, we’ve accumulated a list of the most popular wall partitions for offices.

Glass Partitions

Glass office partitions are a favourite in our range as they section off a space without making the office feel smaller. Glass walls create a confidential, dedicated workspace in a way that doesn’t completely isolate people as there is full visibility. Ideal for a modern-design that is quick to install and customisable.

Below are some of the glass partitions we installed in Aston Martin’s Bristol office and car showroom.

Demountable Partitions

Demountable partitions are a popular choice due to being designed as movable walls. They are an ideal solution if a company restructure or expansion is in the foreseeable future, as each movable partition wall can be removed and installed quickly.

Sports Direct wanted to install 30 new meeting rooms in their head office in Mansfield using demountable partitions, creating a place in which the company can operate more efficiently.

Solid Partitions

Solid wall partitions are a way of dividing your office and creating a completely sectioned-off, confidential space which otherwise is difficult to create. Office partitions such as these are the most cost-effective way to erect meeting rooms and offices. There are a variety of colours available, and solid partitions can be integrated with glass partitions.

We designed and fitted Amigo Loans office in Bournemouth using both solid partitions and glass walls.

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