How to Prevent Germs From Spreading in the Office

Prevent Germs From Spreading in the Office

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Remember when you were in school and when one student fell ill, chances are everyone was going to succumb as well? Well, that’s not going to change now that you’re working in an office. Flu jabs are all very well, but sometimes you can still fall prey to workplace-based illness. If you or one of your colleagues has caught a cold, follow these tips to keep your germs from spreading throughout your office – no doubt your other co-workers will thank you for it!

Stay Home If Possible

Of course, this is easier said than done. Not everyone can afford to lose a day’s pay, but that needs to be weighed up against the cost of going into work while you’re ill and not getting all that much done anyway. Not to mention the way your coughing and sniffling will distract, or worse, possibly spread to your workmates. Are you at risk of being a distraction during important meetings or making a poor impression when you meet with a client? Then stay at home. Of course, depending on the industry you work in and the generosity of your company’s sick-pay policy, you could offer to work from home so as to maintain productivity without getting on everyone’s nerves. Always familiarise yourself with the options offered by your workplace when you get ill.

Wash Your Hands

When the worst is over and you’re headed back to work – remember to wash your hands. Of course, you should be doing this as frequently as possible anyway, but now it’s doubly important. But even if you’ve washed your hands at least a dozen times in hot, soapy water, you still might want to refrain from actually shaking anyone’s hand.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Keep a large bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk so you can stay as germ-free as possible even when you’re constantly coughing and blowing your nose. Most hand sanitizers purport to kill up to 99% of germs, although obviously you shouldn’t replace hand-washing with hand sanitizer use – or vice versa.

Wipe Down Your Keyboard and Desk

Even when you’re not ill, your keyboard, desk and general computer area are all a huge breeding ground for bacteria. Professional office cleaning services tend to focus on communal areas like kitchens and bathrooms, but desks tend to get overlooked. So it’s good to get into the habit of wiping down your keyboard and desk whether you’re ill or not.

Refrain From Touching Things

Obviously it’s not possible to get through a day in the office without touching anything, but there are still ways to limit yourself. Push open doors with your elbows, or tug your sleeve over your hand. Don’t borrow other people’s stationary and be careful to wash up any utensils you use from the office kitchen thoroughly. Dispose of your used tissues right away. Whether you’re in an open-plan office or your desk is concealed behind office dividers, leaving used tissues on your desk is still an unpleasant practice.

Do you have any more tips for preventing the spread of germs in the workplace? Share them in the comments! We can provide glass office partitions for an open plan feel without the potential of germs spreading! Call 01202 577776.