How to Make the Most of a Small Office Space

Small offices are becoming increasingly common in high-rent areas, and knowing how to make the most of the limited space available is important. Here are 7 tips from our office partition specialists:

Think vertical

Make the most of limited floor space by purchasing tall, as opposed to wide, filing cabinets. This ensures you make the most of your office’s height without using valuable floor space.

Invest in glass office partitions

Using glass partitions is a great way to increase your office’s perceptual size. The transparent and well-lit nature of glass partitions also prevents you from feeling cramped and constricted.

Reduce the clutter

Having an office with a cluttered floor reduces productivity and creates a poor working environment. Ensure you have sufficient room to navigate your office by creating clear pathways that aren’t obstructed with furniture.

Remove unnecessary items

When designing your office, it can be tempting to go for style over practicality. Make the most of limited space by removing all superfluous furniture and décor, such as plants and ornaments.

The practicality of demountable partitions

Demountable partitions are perfect for office spaces prone to a redesign. The easily moveable functionality of demountable partitions makes them perfect for creating temporary small offices, whilst allowing you to quickly expand an office to suit changing needs.

Adaptable furniture

Having adaptable furniture is ideal in preventing the use of unnecessary floor space. If your office requires a meeting room, why not invest in a fold-out table that can be made larger or smaller to suit the occasion?

Out with the old…

Most offices are filled with cabinets full of paper. To maximise limited office space, investing in a ‘cloud’ service such as DropBox is a very effective way to store all documents and files whilst taking up no physical office space.

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