How to Make a Room Divider?

A room divider is typically a partition wall or a screen that is used to section off a space within a room. They can be used to create a private space, block out surrounding sound or to define certain areas of a room. Room dividers can be fixed or demountable so they can be moved around to suit your needs.

Where can I use a room divider?

Room dividers can be used as internal walls to divide a room and are ideal in office spaces to create meeting rooms or separate offices. They can similarly be used in residential properties for a practical way to transform the space, such as creating a separate living area. Partition walls are a great solution to dividing a room, with options for solid and glass partitions.

How can I make a room divider?

A room divider can be created from different materials and can be customisable depending on your application requirements and aesthetic throughout your building.

  • Partition walls – Install solid or glass partition walls as a room divider to maintain privacy and professionalism in the office. Internal partition walls can be used to create new separate rooms, such as a soundproof office or meeting room, or can be used to divide existing rooms for an open-plan space.
  • Desk dividers – Desk dividers are a small space alternative to partition walls. They can be used in offices to create an extra sense of privacy between employees and minimise disruption. Desk dividers can be a cost effective solution to sectioning off personal work spaces by installing them in between desks.


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