How to Keep Your Glass Partitions Clean

The cleanliness of an office has an influence on the perceptions of a business. Whether you’re a new business looking to attract clients or a longstanding company eager to maintain high standards, ensuring your glass partitions are clean is important. Here are our top tips:

Streak-free finish

When cleaning your glass office partitions, working from the top to bottom is important. This ensures no streak marks are left on the glass and no dirty water can drip down to already-cleaned areas.

Getting rid of glass partition stains

Stains on your glass partitions are likely to be noticed by clients or business partners. Keep your office partitions clean – and use baking soda and an old toothbrush to remove stubborn stains. For stains on cloudy glass office partitions, using an equal-part solution of white vinegar and distilled water is also effective.

Choosing the right cleaning cloth

Choosing an appropriate cloth is important in maintaining clean glass partitions. Microfiber cloths are the most effective due to them absorbing the cleaning fluid whilst ensuring no streaks are left on the glass wall.

Swap blue for white

For businesses using glass or demountable partitions to stick paper onto during meetings, Blu-Tac is typically used. We recommend switching to White-Tac on all wall and office partition types to avoid greasy stains!

Minimal contact

Fingerprints are a common reason glass partitions become dirty. Ensuring employees aren’t leaning against and touching the glass walls in your office is a simple precaution that saves the hassle of lots of future cleaning.

Removing dust from your glass partition

If your glass office partitioning is prone to accumulating dust, wiping the glass walls with a dry paper towel is perfect. Whilst this is a quick and simple way to remove any build-up, it ensures no streaks are left on the glass.

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