How to Create a Modern Hotel Reception

A hotel’s reception is the first place your guests will see during their stay. Ensuring your reception is equipped with everything needed to create a stunning aesthetic is imperative in creating a lasting impression!

Here are Applied Workplace’s top design tips that will make your hotel reception look modern, whilst providing your guests with all the amenities they need during their stay.

  1. More than just a place to check-in

With business travel becoming increasingly popular, providing guests with a reception area where they can work, take calls, and plug in their devices is a necessity. This can be easily achieved through room dividers, such as glass and demountable partitions, which give your reception allocated areas for those guests whose stays are more ‘business’, rather than pleasure.


  1. Glass partitioning

Installing glass partitioning is a simple way to make a reception area look contemporary. Whether its use is practical or purely to complete the aesthetic, glass partitions thrive in rooms with reflective flooring and plenty of light. Not only do these room dividers’ seamless finish give your reception area a slick and modern design, but glass partitions from Applied Workplace are demountable, ideal for hotels prone to interior design changes.


  1. Less is more

For hotels desiring the ultimate modern aesthetic in their reception, the ‘less is more’ philosophy is ideal. Ensuring this area isn’t cluttered with furniture is vital to achieve this look, with the use of hotel partitions perfect for receptions needing to keep their contents tidy and tucked away.


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