How Glass Partitions Can Benefit Education Centres

People learn best in different environments. Modern teaching is becoming increasingly agile to suit students’ needs and so should the environments to maximise learning potential. Schools, universities, libraries and learning centres are just a few of environments that can incorporate partitions to separate learning areas to benefit students and teachers alike. At Applied Workplace we supply educational room dividers, school and glass partitions alongside expert advice and guidance from design to layout, including:

  1. Age Appropriate Learning Made Easy

Implement educational room dividers to give primary school pupils well-defined zones for play-based learning activities vs academic. Giving a separate space to each learning type minimises distractions and ensures that children, who are more easily distracted the younger they are, the  opportunity to concentrate in their zone. Older students can benefit too, with school partitions providing a simpler arrangement to support more formal teaching. There is evidence that demonstrates well-designed spaces boost academic performance in reading, writing and maths.

  1. Large Rooms Become Adaptable

Libraries, university lecture halls and classrooms with large open spaces can remain open but divided with glass partitions.  Transform sections of the space into rooms with glass walls that can be used as study pods, team learning areas and group work places. Additionally, glass partitions are demountable and require minimal construction – there’s no need to install more windows! Acoustic glass partitions also offer a level of soundproofing to minimise noise.

  1. Study Pods Are The Way Forward

Using school room dividers, you can create learning pods to offer a secluded, comfortable space for students to focus without distractions. Pods can create quiet spaces for individual learning or be used for project or group work. Breakout areas attached to classrooms are great for one-to-one and small group support. Larger pods can be used for small group lectures and acoustic pods can be utilised for language learning.

  1. Libraries Are Multi Functional

Libraries play an important role in the education and learning process. They are a source of information and a store house of knowledge for every student. Libraries often operate from a large single space and offering noise insulated areas can be challenging. With acoustic partitions, you can minimise most noise for a distraction free learning environment.

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