How Can I Divide A Room Without A Wall?

You can divide your room without a wall by using either room dividers, partition walls or even blinds. This all varies depending on which room you are looking to divide and what the purpose of your divider is. Is it for added privacy, noise proofing, aesthetics, or functionality? What type of room or space are you diving? These are all questions you should ask yourself before deciding which type of room divider you are going to use.

Room dividers are a great way of breaking up larger rooms, and organising small spaces. They offer an efficient and easy way of separating out a room, without requiring a new wall to be built. This not only saves you the hassle of vacating the room whilst the wall is being built, but also time and money.

What types of room divider or partition wall are best for each room?

There are many types of room dividers available. From glass partitions, to solid room dividers, acoustic partitions, fabric dividers, and wooden dividers, the possibilities are endless. Deciding which type of room divider or partition wall you are after all comes down to which room you are looking to divide.

Different types of partition wall material will be suitable for different rooms. For example, curtain fabric dividers would not be appropriate for a kitchen or office but would be great for a bedroom. Although both purposes could be the same, such as dividing the space in a room, the material of the partition wall will change for each distinct space.

Similarly, solid partition walls would be more suited to school classrooms or offices, but not so much for a bedroom. For offices, schools and industrial types of businesses, solid room dividers, glass partitions, acoustic partitions and demountable partitions are most suitable. Acoustic partitions are a great option for these examples in particular as they offer sound proofing solutions to otherwise loud environments. You can also opt for frosted glass partitions or glass manifestations to add your own design flare, or use your companies branding.

Within residential properties, such as balconies, stair banisters, and open living rooms/kitchens, glass partitions are most suitable. Glass dividers come in a range of styles to suit an array of functions. These can include crittall style partitions, curved glass partitions, smart glass, double glazed and more. So even in residential properties, you can find glass dividers which fit you.


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